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Take the Cardinal Glass Plant Tour one time and you will quickly discover why professional window contractors choose Cardinal when they want the best products for their customers.

Reputable window contractors want the peace of mind knowing that Cardinal Glass offers a 20-year seal warranty on their insulated glass. The Cardinal Warranty is second to none when compared to other glass manufacturers.

Take the Cardinal Glass Plant Tour Now

While there is nothing quite like attending the Cardinal Glass Plant Tour in person, the video below offers the next best thing. You will feel like you are actually onsite as you are immersed in the glass manufacturing process. Check it out:

What is Float Glass & How is Float Glass Made?

If you watch the Cardinal Glass Plant Tour video above, you can see first-hand how float glass is made. If you want to review the step-by-step manufacturing process in greater detail read on:

Raw Material Inspection: It all starts with the receiving and inspection of raw materials. While this may seem like a mundane task, it may be the most critical step in the process. You can’t produce quality glass without quality ingredients. One thing you will notice on the Cardinal Glass Plant Tour is that they take the inspection process seriously.

Recycled Glass: Part of the glass recipe includes recycled glass known as cullet, which is the industry standard term for furnace ready recycled glass. The other major ingredients include sand, soda ash, and limestone.

It’s a Batch Process: All of the ingredients are precisely measured to form the proper mixture so that each and every batch is consistent. The mixture of raw materials is then conveyed to the giant furnace where it is heated to 3000 degrees.

The Float: At a temperature of 3000 degrees the mixture of raw materials becomes a liquid. It is then floated down the line over a molten bed of tin. Hence the term “Float.” While floating across the tin bath the glass spreads out and becomes a wide sheet known as a “Ribbon.” At this particular Cardinal plant, 20 miles of ribbon passes down the line each day, this equates to 600 tons of glass production.

Shaping the Glass: The Ribbon is then pulled and shaped into precise dimensions. This step is constantly monitored via a high-tech, remote-control station. The technicians overseeing the process keep track of each and every variable to ensure the integrity of each batch.

Annealing Step: To control the stress on the glass and to precisely regulate its thickness, the glass is cooled slowly. This step is known as the annealing process.

Final Inspection: The final steps include a laser inspection station to detect any defects in the glass. It’s no surprise that defects are virtually unheard of in Cardinal Glass products. Following the rigorous inspection, the next steps include scoring, cutting, edge trimming and automated packaging.

Watch the entire video to learn more about the glass manufacturing process and see what sets Cardinal Glass apart from the competition.

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