Cutting Laminated Glass

Cutting laminated glass can be a little bit tricky compared to a single layer of glass. The video below demonstrates the safe method for cutting laminated glass. Laminated safety glass is similar to the glass used for automotive windshields. It is essentially two layers of standard glass with a layer of plastic film sandwiched in between. The film acts like an adhesive to hold the pieces of glass together if the window breaks. Common uses of laminated safety glass in architecture include: glass doors, home furniture, bathroom shelving, storefront windows, and bar shelving. Read more

Self Cleaning Glass

I have often dreamed about self cleaning glass, especially after spending an entire weekend cleaning each and every window in our home. My dream has turned into a reality; self cleaning glass actually exists. Pinch me, apparently, I wasn’t dreaming after all. I just had to dig a little deeper to learn how it works, and if it works at all. Read more

Triple Pane Windows

Are you having trouble deciding between triple pane windows and double pane windows for your home renovation project? Are you wondering if the additional expense of triple pane windows is worth it? Will there be a payback, and if so how long will it take to recover the additional cost of installing triple pane windows? If you are asking yourself these questions you are not alone. I wish there was a hard and fast, simple answer, but unfortunately the best choice for you depends on your personal situation and a variety of other factors. Read more

Third Story Window Access

On many construction projects, third story window access can be a bit of a challenge. This is particularly true on new construction sites where the grade adjacent to the building might still be covered in building materials. This was just the case on a recent apartment project. The site was covered in debris, other contractors were setup in the general area, and what about the mud and deep ruts. I suppose one solution is to rent an all-terrain Lull for the week, but talk about expensive! If the area was clear you could erect scaffolding around the perimeter of the building but that would also be super expensive not to mention time consuming. Read more

Egress Windows

Properly sized egress windows are an important design consideration for any home renovation project or the construction of a new home. If your home is relatively new, the egress windows more than likely already meet the design criteria. However, if you are remodeling an older home, chances are the original windows are smaller than the current code requirements. You should take this opportunity to install new, larger windows that meet the new standards. In this article, we will look at the dimensional requirements. Read more

Safely Handle Glass

As an experienced window repair contractor, you more than likely already understand how to safely handle glass. The concern I have is how do you share your knowledge and experience with new employees. The tips below can help members of your team get a better understanding of how to safely handle glass, and perhaps they can avoid an injury or two along the way. These same principles apply to homeowners as well, so if you are a do-it-yourselfer you may find these tips useful when handling glass at home. Read more

textured glass

The use of textured glass is not all that common in residential home construction or home remodeling projects. But when it comes to commercial properties there are many applications for textured glass. These unique glass panels have more to offer a business than they do an individual, because their functional needs are very different than that of the average homeowner. Read more

acoustical glass ratings

When shopping for new home windows we don’t often consider the acoustical glass ratings of the product. In fact, for most home owners it is the farthest thing from your mind. But if you live in a noisy urban area of if your home is located close to a freeway, railroad, or simply adjacent to a busy street, you may want to ask for the acoustical glass ratings before you buy your new windows. Read more

Argon Gas Filled Windows

Why would you want Argon gas filled windows in your home? Are insulated windows really more efficient than their single pane counterparts? If so why? The short story is that the introduction of Argon into the space between two panes of glass creates an insulation barrier. Just like the insulation in the walls of your home, Argon gas filled windows keep the heat in and the cold out. Of course, the opposite is true when installing energy efficient insulated glass windows in warm climates. In this case the insulation barrier reduces the heat transfer from the hot air outside so your home will stay cooler inside in the summer. Read more

fenestration types

When it comes to windows, there are a multitude of fenestration types available to choose from. If you are replacing the windows in your home or commercial property you must consider the materials used in the construction of the frame as well as the glazing material itself. By choosing the correct combination of frame material and glazing options most suited for your specific climate you can optimize the performance of your new windows. Read more