Interior Design Etched Glass

Incorporating glass into your interior design projects opens the door to limitless possibilities. This is true for both commercial office space and home interior design projects. Architects and interior designers consider glass to be the ideal material to use for decorating internal spaces. Glass can be utilized to transform an otherwise isolated space, to open up the area. The use of glass will allow natural light to flow through the area, which can actually make smaller spaces look and feel much larger.

Transparent walls and dividers can create a very striking appearance for both home interior design projects and office make overs. Glass offers unique and tangible qualities that other materials cannot match. Aside from its obvious transparency feature, it is ultra-smooth, cool to the touch, and visually robust. Take it one step further and customize the opaqueness of decorative glass with the addition of color or a frosted surface.

Glass Interior Design Ideas

Glass Stair Rails: The use of glass railings whether installed indoors or outside, will provide a clear and unobstructed view of the surroundings. This is the perfect solution for a smaller home to make the space feel larger, and the stairway itself less confined.

Interior Design Glass Stair Rail

Glass Shelving: In this interior design project, the glass performs multiple functions. The glass wall divides the living area from the dining room without creating the feeling of seclusion. Meanwhile, the use of frosted glass provides some sense of privacy. The addition of glass shelves adds a unique style and sophistication to the glass wall.

Interior Design Glass Wall

Wood and Glass: The combination of wood and glass in this partition wall is an impressive style. The substantial girth of the wood framing is an important aspect of this interior design project. The blend of open spaces and frosted glass provides separation without isolation.

Interior Design Glass and Wood

Block Walls: Glass Block walls provide privacy while allowing natural light to flow into an otherwise dark space. The window on the exterior wall is a perfect example. In this bathroom makeover, the glass block also provides an eye-catching barrier between the shower area and the garden tub.

Interior Design Block Wall

Etched Glass: Custom etching can be incorporated into your interior design project in many ways. You can add patterns such as stripes, a wide band at eye level, or perhaps your company logo. For this project, the etching was used to display a custom inspirational message on the conference room wall.

Interior Design Etched Glass

Glass Atrium: We just had to include this project. What an exceptional use of glass. This mini atrium is sure to be the focal point of any office space, or contemporary home.

Interior Design Glass Atrium

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