Interior Design Etched Glass

Incorporating glass into your interior design projects opens the door to limitless possibilities. This is true for both commercial office space and home interior design projects. Architects and interior designers consider glass to be the ideal material to use for decorating internal spaces. Glass can be utilized to transform an otherwise isolated space, to open up the area. The use of glass will allow natural light to flow through the area, which can actually make smaller spaces look and feel much larger. Read more

Glass Deck Railings

Installing glass deck railings on your lake home or mountain cabin is a great way to enjoy an unobstructed scenic view. After all, you paid a healthy sum for that lake view or mountain retreat. You might as well enjoy it to the fullest extent. But before you trade in your wooden spokes for new glass deck railings, make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages. Read more

textured glass

The use of textured glass is not all that common in residential home construction or home remodeling projects. But when it comes to commercial properties there are many applications for textured glass. These unique glass panels have more to offer a business than they do an individual, because their functional needs are very different than that of the average homeowner. Read more

Stadium Glass

While watching the Super Bowl today I couldn’t help myself from thinking about the use of Stadium Glass and how fenestration is applied to the design of today’s NFL stadiums. Glass is strategically placed in new stadium designs to enhance the views from interior spaces overlooking the playing surface. A large bank of windows can highlight outdoor scenery while at the same time providing ample visibility into the facility. When used appropriately, stadium glass provides a sense of elegance despite the overwhelming size of the arena. Read more

fenestration design fundamentals

To understand fenestration design fundamentals, we should first take a look at the meaning of the term “Fenestration.” From there we can explore in greater detail fenestration design fundamentals, as they apply to the architectural world. Read more

Window Fenestration

Before we tell you about the new NFRC testing requirements, we better tell you what window fenestration is and how it relates to your window selection. The latest news in the window fenestration industry will be one of our focus topics here on the OSR Blog, so come back often to stay up-to-date. Read more