Self Cleaning Glass

I have often dreamed about self cleaning glass, especially after spending an entire weekend cleaning each and every window in our home. My dream has turned into a reality; self cleaning glass actually exists. Pinch me, apparently, I wasn’t dreaming after all. I just had to dig a little deeper to learn how it works, and if it works at all. Read more

window condensation

There are three main factors that cause window condensation; cold outdoor temperatures, excessive indoor humidity, and window surface temperatures that are lower than the dew point of the air inside your home. The dew point is the temperature at which moisture in the air begins to form into visible water drops. In the case of windows, if the glass surface falls below the dew point of the air, water droplets will begin to form on the glass. Read more

Cardinal Glass Plant Tour

Take the Cardinal Glass Plant Tour one time and you will quickly discover why professional window contractors choose Cardinal when they want the best products for their customers. Read more