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The use of textured glass is not all that common in residential home construction or home remodeling projects. But when it comes to commercial properties there are many applications for textured glass. These unique glass panels have more to offer a business than they do an individual, because their functional needs are very different than that of the average homeowner.

Privacy and Obscurity

Glass with any level of texture on its surface will be much harder to see through than conventional, clear, flat window panes. Textured glass can be used to provide some hint of visibility without fully giving away what’s going on in the room on the other side of the glass. This can be helpful for privacy barriers that aren’t meant to provide full obstruction, such as the dividing barriers in restaurant dining rooms or for a conference room in a business office. The occupants of the room can enjoy privacy while still allowing natural light to flow into the building itself. Conversely, some designs offer full obscurity, to provide ultimate privacy.

Textured Glass Designs

Adding some level of textured design to a pane of glass will project a higher level of interest to the overall architectural design of an office space. Whereas smooth, clear, glass offers little to the design and style of the office. Adding texture to glass opens up a variety of design and style options. This is a popular option for businesses, since in many cases textured office glass is incorporated into the design, more for its aesthetic value than its functionality.

Safety and Security

Some styles of textured glass are designed to enhance the security of the building. From a structural standpoint, the glass itself can be tougher, and often laminated for added strengthen. The individual panes of glass are usually thicker as well, commonly up to 10mm thick, depending on the style of the glass. All of these measures help the glass withstand breakage by the use of force, which in turn will increase the security of the building. The visual obscurity of the glass further enhances security.

Sturdy Alternative

Much of the textured glass used in commercial applications has the added benefit of being stronger structurally, offering further safety and security benefits. These are important aspects for commercial building applications. The glass can be tempered, or in cases where ultimate strength is required, the glass could be wire reinforced.

Commercial vs Home Use

Textured glass has a few specific properties that make it more suitable for commercial applications as opposed to residential use. However; there are many instances where textured glass is the perfect home solution as well, such as increased privacy for a bathroom or home office. The possibilities are endless!

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