Third Story Window Access

On many construction projects, third story window access can be a bit of a challenge. This is particularly true on new construction sites where the grade adjacent to the building might still be covered in building materials. This was just the case on a recent apartment project. The site was covered in debris, other contractors were setup in the general area, and what about the mud and deep ruts. I suppose one solution is to rent an all-terrain Lull for the week, but talk about expensive! If the area was clear you could erect scaffolding around the perimeter of the building but that would also be super expensive not to mention time consuming.

Third Story Window Access Problem Solved

Window Jack to the rescue! The folks at solved my third story window access dilemma with an innovative product called the Window Jack. This cool gadget is the perfect solution for easy and safe access to the third story windows on any construction site. No need for conventional scaffolding or shelling out hundreds of dollars to rent a giant Lull.

This little contraption is easy to setup as well. The video tells most of the story. You could assemble the Window Jack on you own if you had to, but it goes together a lot faster with an extra pair of hands. While one person holds the main frame the other can slide the platform in place. Measure the height of the window sill, add an inch or so then secure the platform at the proper height by inserting the locking pins in the next available hole.

Third Story Window Access

The next step is to slide the top support over the upper portion of the frame. Measure the height of the window header from the floor and set the top support at the same dimension. Once again, find the nearest hole and insert the safety locking pins. Be sure to secure the support with 2 pins, one in each upright.

Third Story Window Access

Slide the platform through the window opening then secure the feet by nailing the bottom angle to the floor. Secure the top by nailing it to the window header. CAUTION before you even think about climbing out through the window opening to install the safety rails, you MUST put on your OSHA approved fall protection harness. Yep I said OSHA. While the platform itself is designed with your safety in mind, OSHA mandates that proper fall protection be worn when using the Window Jack. Safety First!

With the Window Jack in place you can safely perform the final installation of the new windows. With exterior access, you can install the flashing, screw the window assembly in place, and apply the caulking long before the rain sets in.

WINDOW JACK (SPANISH) from Generation Media on Vimeo.

What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh well, perhaps the next great invention will come to me in my sleep tonight. Kudos to the team for developing the Window Jack. What a life saver!

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